The Training using the latest technology in the historical & cultural city, Suzuka

For people who has Spinal damage, Brain disorder、People walking with a cane, or Electric Wheelchair

Our training style is unique. Users can stay hotels or facilities near Suzuka Robocare center, which helps you to concentrate on the HAL® training.
We make a training plan for individual user, monitor the status continuously, and adjust the plan according to their situation.

The Suzuka Robocare Center is located in the campass of Suzuka Medical and Science University which is along with Ise-Kaido where is familiar with beautiful cherry blossom in the spring. Suzuka is the place with a small height difference, and it is relatively easy to move with a wheelchair. Enjoy a relaxing time in the historical & cultural Suzuka area.

  • Sakura no Mori Park

  • Suzuka Medical and Science University

Contact by mail
Hearing through the phone
Decide acceptable or not
Fix the training date (arrange Visa for foreigners)

Training Conditions

We check below conditions through the counseling

  • Body size (approx) : Height 150cm-190cm, Weight 40kg – 90kg
  • No pacemaker
  • In case of Spinal Damage, not complete paralysis
  • Not either one of Hypertension disorder, diabetes, osteoporosis
  • No remarkable joint damage, no artificial joint inside
  • Skin is not easy to get rash
  • Not pregnant

Suzuka, long history and relaxing city

Suzuka city is in the area of temperate humid climate (Cfa). The annual average temperature is about 15 ℃ and the annual average rainfall is about 1,800mm. It can be said mild climate. There is a very long history such as the place name in the city appeared in one of the oldest history book, Nihon Shoki. According to it, Suzuka prospered as a lodging town of the Ise Shrine Route Road with a focus on shrines, temples, and festivals. Its culture is still vivid in the Heisei world. Traditional crafting technology is famous as Ise-type paper and Suzuka ink, and during the Meiji and Taisho era, the textile industry became popular. Subsequently, it has been developed as an industrial city such as Navy Arsenal and Auto Parts Industry.
In addition, Suzuka City is a highly balanced and easy-to-live city with plenty of primary industries such as agriculture and fishery in the prefecture, all of the mountains, plains and oceans. In addition, Suzuka Circuit which is open to international races such as F1 and motorcycle 8 hour endurance race is also world famous. It is regarded as sacred ground of Japan Motorsport.
Please enjoy Suzuka, which is rich in culture, old and old, in a mild climate.

Recommended places for sightseeing

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    • We can introduce a taxi with nursing care. You can use it for transportation from/to the airport, and daily transportations.

    • Please contact us first. We make a appropriate plan for each user considering all the situation.

    • We will arrange the interpreter such as English, Chinese, Korean according to your request (additional fee). We also prepare the English and Chinese pamphlet guiding our training center and cafeteria.