HAL Fit Tourism in Beppu

Our training style is unique. User can stay hotels or facilities near Oita Robocare center, which helps you to concentrate on the HAL® training. We make a training plan for individual user, monitor the status continuously, and adjust the plan according to their situation. After the training, user can also try COGY, the wheelchair which runs by a foot, and you can even go out for shopping and sightseeing using COGY.

What’s HAL®️

It is a autonomous support type robot unparalleled in the world was developed to support the weakened leg who leg motion and gait, the elderly and people with disabilities in the lower limbs due to spinal cord injury and stroke.

Robot Suit HAL®️official HP

“I want to stand up,walk by myself…”
It is training of HAL FIT to realize the thought.

The optimal program and man-to-man instruction to meet the needs of each customer, that is “personal training”.