“I want to stand up,walk by myself…”
It is training of HAL FIT to realize the thought.

When we have spinal cord damage, apoplexy and cerebral palsy by sickness and an accident,motor dysfunction may remain in the body and walking may be impaired. Or the motor function of the body also becomes weak by lack of exercise’s faying with advanced age.

HAL FIT is a scientific fitness training that makes your legs exercise, standing and walking practice with enjoying. We provide functional training that is highly personalized according to the user. Professional staff makes the menu which matched you and is training of new form promoting a heart and physical health.

Robot suit HAL® is a world’s first wearing type independence movement support robot to support movement by advanced technology. It works in response to the will of the wearer’s “Let legs move”.

In HAL FIT we will wear the HAL® lower limbs type and perform the following training.



We offer coopons!

HAL FIT® Trial


Available only one time.

Conditions for participating HAL FIT®

  1. a person who can keep a standing posture being supported by a caregiver
  2. a person who can keep a sitting posture without assistance
  3. a person who’s size is within size limit on wearers of HAL® [weight: less than 90kg, height between circa150cm – 190cm]
  4. a person who does not have severe joint disorders
  5. a person who understands explanations, such as motion procedures and precautions

* A person who has symptoms such as significant high blood pressure, fragility of bone, cardiac failure, etc. is supposed to consult with a doctor in advance. * A person who is pregnant or using active implantable medical device is not suitable for HAL FIT® training. In some cases, staff may judge an applicant is not suitable for HAL FIT® training.